Teddy Heavens Teddy Heavens

Manager, Musician, Actor, radio personality, wedding minister, rock n roll reviewer Teddy Heavens manages Rebel Rebel and The Los Angeles Death Dolls and provides music business consultation for Undercover Slut (France). Currently reviewing Glam/Punk/Trash and Hard Rock in my Down To Rock (D.T.R.) column at: veglam.com

Teddy is also a Digital DJ specializing in PUNK-Glam-Sleaze-Trash Rock and Roll, send message to see about having him rock your club or event! Venues he has rocked with the Laptop DJ thing include: La Locomotive-Paris, France; The Hive-Downtown Los Angeles, Ca.; The Viper Room-West Hollywood, Ca. and The Relax Bar in Hollywood, Ca. and Uncles Underground, SFV, Ca., as well as for shows featuring: The Murder Junkies, Mondo Generatror, Cock Rock Shock Fest, Undercover Slut, It's Casual, Spiders and Snakes and The Billy Bones and Prima Donna.

Bill Aucoin, Peter Grant, Tony James, Neil Bogart & Colonel Tom Parker

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