Steelwitch has a 2 song EP release called the Anvil, available on ITunes and other digital platforms.

We would like to announce that Gizmo has returned after a long absence to the Rebel Rebel drum throne, as Tim Shelton has moved on to the beautiful south in Tennessee. We will miss Tim and are working on songs from the extensive R2 catalog that we have not performed in years! The band popped his cherry at a recent FloCro Ranch living room show that was filmed for future transmission. Live shows coming soon.

KDOC TV in Los Angeles has been running the various episodes of the wally George Show featuring Rebel Rebel, cool blasts from the past!
Wally George Show

Rebel Rebel is also pleased to announce new merchandise items, including new button designs, stickers and patches, see merchandise section at for details.

Finally, Rebel Rebel will be re-releasing the Rock In The Face Best of Comp. back on ITunes and other digital platforms, stay tuned!!!!